Move-In/Move-Out Policy

Tenants shall provide at least 24 hours’ notice to the Facilities Manager prior to engaging in any move-in/move-out activities.  Landlord, at its election, may require a damage deposit from Tenant prior to any move-in/move-out.  In any case, Tenant shall bear full financial responsibility for any damages sustained to the property during the move.

Moves are permitted through the building’s loading dock(s) and not permitted through any lobby area unless approved in advance by the Facilities Manager. For the safety of you and others, please be sure the loading dock areas are secured and doors closed during your move and when finished.  Trash, debris, crating, and boxes (broken down) must be disposed of in the designated waste disposal area.

Tenant’s space will be inspected by the Facilities Manager prior to move-out to assure the area has not been damaged, above and beyond normal wear and tear.  Tenant is responsible for all costs to restore damage to premises or dispose of any furniture or debris that remains after vacate date.

Please contact the Facilities Manager for further questions or additional information on the move-in/move-out procedures.