Snow Removal Policy

Date Established: 10/13/2011

Date Last Revised: N/A

Date Posted to Internet: 10/13/2011


Kirk Development appreciates that timely removal of snow/ice is an important concern for our tenants as well as their customers and guests.  Accordingly, we have developed this Snow Removal Policy in order to provide a clear understanding of our snow removal operations and procedures throughout our properties.

Our Facilities Team:

All Kirk Development properties are managed through our property agent, H & O Services, LLC.  H & O Services maintains a fleet of front-end loaders, plow vehicles, salt spreaders and other affiliated snow removal equipment.  The company employs a full-time Manager of Facilities & Grounds as well as numerous property support personnel.   The Manager of Facilities & Grounds is exclusively assigned to the Kirk Development properties on a 24 hour/7 day per week basis and has direct authority to deploy property support personnel and such additional resources as may be required to carry-out this Snow Removal Policy.


During a storm event, the Manager of Facilities & Grounds closely monitors the impacts at the various properties.  As conditions dictate, and in accordance with the procedures set forth in this Snow Removal Policy, the Manager of Facilities & Grounds allocates the equipment and man-power needed to effectively respond to the storm event.

We are mindful of the fact that office buildings and places of public accommodation require the utmost priority in our snow removal efforts.  That being said, our Facilities Staff’s response to storm events is often impacted by things outside of our control, such as the time of day and day of the week that the storm hits, and also the overall duration and severity of the storm.  Storms accompanied by high winds, which are common in the mid-west, present a particular challenge in that areas in which snow removal has occurred can quickly be re-covered with drifting and blowing snow.

Tenants also have a role to play during our snow removal process.  Apart from reporting any unsafe conditions, we need them to also use good judgment when walking and driving as surfaces may still be slippery even if they appear to be cleared of ice and snow.  On days when winter conditions are severe, we also recommend that tenants consider working from home.


During storm removal operations, the Manager of Facilities & Grounds shall remain in direct contact with the Director of Operations at H & O Services who, in turn, shall report updates to the Kirk Development management team.  Where prudent, Kirk Development will provide snow removal reports to tenant representatives via email and multi-media displays.  Tenants may also directly report any hazardous conditions (e.g., ice patches) to H & O Services (contact information listed below) or through the Kirk Development website (

Policies & Procedures:

Kirk Development will make every effort to keep the drives, parking areas and walk-ways in a safe and passable condition throughout the winter months.  Towards that end, we have developed the below listed policies and procedures with the objective of delivering a safe and orderly response to winter weather conditions.  Each storm, however, presents its own challenges and problems.  Accordingly, the Manager of Facilities & Grounds may to need continually adjust the snow removal plan at our various properties so as to achieve the most benefit from the personnel and equipment available to him/her at the time.

  • As the Manager of Facilities & Grounds observes icing on any paved or walkway surface he/she shall direct the property support personnel to immediately commence de-icing applications.
  • As the Manager of Facilities & Grounds observes snow depths at approximately 1”, he/she shall direct the property support personnel to immediately commence snow removal and plowing operations on the property drives and walkways.
  • Snow removal in parking lots will commence once all drives and walkways are deemed passable and the parking areas are free from vehicles.  Full parking lot clean-up is typically accomplished on the night following the snowstorm when most vehicles have vacated.
  • The Manager of Facilities & Grounds shall patrol each location during storm events to ensure that there is adequate equipment and personnel deployed.
  • Storms occurring during normal business hours will dictate a higher level of response than those occurring during the evening hours or over the weekend.  Class A office buildings and places of public accommodation will also receive first priority during storm removal.
  • During especially severe storms, it is normal for snow removal crews to repeatedly plow and salt at the same location.  While we endeavor to clear our properties in a near simultaneous fashion, storm conditions can easily prevent this.  In such events, Class A office buildings and places of public accommodation will receive first priority for snow removal.  Other properties, such as industrial and warehouse locations, will be remediated as resources become freed up, but may have to wait until the storm subsides.
  • As relates to icing events, temperature plays an important factor in the overall effectiveness of our response.  More specifically, de-icers, and salt in particular, stop being effective once temperatures fall below a certain level (typically, around 15 °F and below).   Accordingly, tenants are reminded to use extra caution on colder days since surfaces may still be slippery even when de-icer is present.
  • If a tenant reports any unsafe condition at a location, the Manager of Facilities Grounds shall deploy property support personnel to the location within 1 hour of the call if received during normal business hours or by 10:00 a.m. on the following day if reported after normal business hours.
  • The Manager of Facilities and Grounds shall install temporary signs in the parking areas and cross walks reminding tenants of slippery conditions.  De-icer shall also be placed in the lobby areas of the buildings and readily available to tenants should they wish to use it.
  • Tenants are requested to use good judgment when walking or driving in wintery conditions and to consider telecommuting with their employer during extreme conditions.   Tenants are also requested to heed important notices from Kirk Development and to maintain safe distances from its snow removal equipment during storm remediation.

Facilities Contact Information:

H & O Services, LLC

1850 Industrial Dr.

P.O. Box 923

Findlay, OH 45839

P: (419) 422-5688 (Main Office)


Manager, Facilities & Grounds

Brad Wagner

(567) 208-7741


Director of Operations

Mr. Doug Tiell

(419) 348-3674