Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations: Commercial Tenants

The following Rules & Regulations apply to the use and/or occupancy of areas and buildings subject to your lease with Kirk Development. Tenants are responsible for ensuring that all of their employees, representatives, invitees, contractors, visitors, agents, sub-lessees, sub-permittees and other individuals or entities under their control are informed of and fully comply with these Rules & Regulations.


Landlord: Kirk Development.

Facilities Manager: H & O Services, LLC.

Leased Premises: The area rented pursuant to your written lease agreement.

Property: The building and land upon which the Leased Premises is located.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Building Use and Maintenance.

Tenants are responsible for keeping their leased premises in good condition, normal wear and tear excepted. Common halls, elevators, stairways, exists, passages and entrances to the building(s) shall not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than ingress and egress. External stairs, ladders or architectural features or attachments provided for use as emergency exits shall be used for that purpose only, and not for convenience exiting.

  1. Building Modifications.

All modifications, alterations, and/or improvements must receive prior written approval from the Landlord and shall be in conformity with the Landlord’s submittal and construction standards, requirements, and procedures. No antenna, loudspeaker, satellite dish or other device shall be installed on the roof or exterior walls or other features of the property without prior written approval from the Landlord.

  1. Keys.

Upon move-in, each Tenant will receive two sets of keys/key fobs from Landlord at no charge. Additional/replacement keys are subject to the following charges:

Keys: $5.00 apiece

Fobs: $10.00 apiece.

Tenant shall not attach or permit to be attached additional locks or similar devices to any door or window, change existing locks or the mechanism thereof, or make or permit to be made any keys for any door other than those provided by Landlord.

Upon move-out, Tenants are required to return all key sets to the Facilities Manager. Tenants failing to return all issued key sets may be charged a fee in the amount of $100 to cover the cost of re-keying the rental premises and/or the property.

  1. Utilities.

Tenant shall not waste electricity, water, heat or air conditioning or other utilities or services, and agrees to cooperate fully with Landlord to assure the most effective and energy efficient operation of the building and shall not allow the adjustment (except by Landlord’s authorized personnel) of any controls. Tenant shall keep corridor doors closed and shall not open any windows, except that if the air circulation shall not be in operation, windows which are openable may be opened with Landlord’s consent. As a condition to claiming any deficiency in the air-conditioning or ventilation services provided by Landlord, Tenant shall close any blinds or drapes in the Leased Premises to prevent or minimize direct sunlight.

  1. Fire Protection.

Tenant shall refrain from damaging, disabling, or obstructing any fire detection and fire suppression systems installed at the Property and shall timely report any observable defects to same to the Facilities Manager. From time to time, Landlord may run periodic tests of its fire detection and suppression systems at the Property. Entry into the Leased Premises as well as Tenant participation in fire drill exercises may be required to comply with this testing requirement.

  1. Waste Disposal.

No trash or other materials may be accumulated which will cause a hazard or be in violation of any health, fire or safety ordinance or regulation. Tenants are responsible for timely disposing of their waste material in waste collection containers designated by Landlord. Tenants shall not use common area waste collection receptacles or other areas for the disposal of their bulk waste items (e.g., bagged refuse). Landlord’s waste containers are for Tenant waste only and no outside refuse (e.g., residential waste) is permitted. Tenants with special disposal issues are directed to contact the Facilities Manager.

  1. Hazardous Materials

Tenant shall not bring into the Leased Premises or the building any flammable fluids, explosives or other hazardous substances without written permission of the Landlord. All approved hazardous materials must be disposed at Tenant’s expense and in full compliance with federal, state, and local laws. Materials requiring Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) shall be disclosed by Tenant and Tenant shall furnish a copy of the applicable MSDS (including all updates thereto) to the Facilities Manager.

Note: Fluorescent light bulbs often contain mercury and are generally designated as hazardous waste.

  1. Disturbances.

Tenants shall not make or permit any noise, odors or vibrations that are annoying, unpleasant, distasteful or that would interfere in any way with the Landlord’s administration of the property or the quiet enjoyment of other tenants.

  1. Smoking.

Smoking is prohibited in the interiors of all buildings on the property, as well as areas immediately adjacent to any ingress and egress to the buildings. If a designated smoking area has been assigned to the property, Tenants are required to restrict their smoking activities to that location and no other.

  1. Vehicles.

Vehicles shall be parked within designated parking areas only. Vehicle repair or maintenance activities shall not be performed on the property, except in case of emergency. Vehicles must be validly registered and shall not be stored or left in any parking area in a non-working condition. Tenants requesting to leave vehicles on the property overnight or for extended periods, must obtain prior approval and written permit from the Facilities Manager. Vehicles not in compliance with these Rules and Regulations are subject to tow at the owner’s expense.

  1. Signage.

All interior and exterior signage must be pre-approved by the Landlord. Signs which are installed without pre-approval or which did not conform to Landlord’s specifications are subject to removal at Tenant’s expense.

  1. Communications Cabling.

If a tenant desires communications cabling, alarm or other utility or service connections installed or changed, such work shall be done at the expense of the tenant, with the prior written approval and under the direction of the Landlord.

13.Vending Machines.

Installation of vending machines on the property (including within tenant’s leased premises) is subject to the pre-approval by the Landlord.

  1. Restrooms.

The toilet rooms, urinals, wash bowls and other such apparatus shall not be used for any purpose other than that for which they were constructed and no foreign substance of any kind whatsoever shall be thrown therein and the expense of any breakage, stoppage or damage resulting from the violation of this Rule shall be borne by the Tenant who, or whose employees or invitees shall have caused it.

  1. Kitchen Areas.

Kitchens and other cooking or food preparation areas, and related storage and dining areas shall be maintained in safe and hygienic condition and are subject to inspection by Landlord and other agencies. Waste oils and grease shall not be flushed, drained or dumped into drains and shall be disposed of in accordance with all applicable laws.

  1. Safety/Security.

Tenant shall assume full responsibility for protecting the leased premises, including keeping all doors to the leased premises locked after the close of business. Landlord shall have no responsibility or liability for any theft, robbery or other crime in the building or on the Property. Any security personnel employed or contracted by Tenants may act as private citizens but have not authority to take law enforcement action or carry firearms on the property.

  1. Weapons.

Landlord has the right, but not the obligations, to restrict tenants from bringing into the building, or keeping on the premises, any weapon including but not limited to firearms, knives and similar items.

  1. Soliciting/Peddling.

Canvassing, soliciting, peddling, and distribution of handbills and other advertising material in the building is prohibited. Tenants shall cooperate to prevent the same and shall promptly report such activities to the Facilities Manager.

  1. Sales or Auctions.

No space in the building shall be used for public sales, auctions, going out of business sale or bankruptcy sale in or from the Leased Premises, and such prohibition shall apply to tenant’s creditors.

  1. Utility Closets.

Building utility closets shall not be used for storage of any kind and all doors shall be clear of obstruction at all times.

  1. Pets.

Except for licensed service animals (seeing or hearing dogs), pets are not permitted within the interior of any building(s).

  1. Barbeques.

No exterior barbecues are allowed without the prior written approval of the Landlord.

  1. Residency.

Residency in any portion of the buildings is strictly prohibited unless specifically authorized in advance by Landlord.

  1. Compliance with Laws.

Tenant will comply with all municipal, county, state, federal or other government laws, statutes, codes, regulations and other requirements, including without limitation, environmental, health, safety and police requirements and regulations respecting the Leased Premises, now or hereinafter in force, at its sole cost, and will not use the Leased Premises for any immoral purposes.

  1. Address Changes.

Landlord reserves the right, exercisable without notice, to change the identifying address of the property as well as any tenant suite numbers assigned throughout the building(s).

  1. Discrimination.

Tenants are prohibited from discriminating against any visitor, employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability or national origin.

  1. Amendments.

Landlord reserves the right to revise or make other rules and regulations as may be deemed advisable for the safety, care and cleanliness of the premises, and for the preserving of good order therein.