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You may submit your Work Order request online by completing the fields below and then pressing the “Submit” button. Note: Emergency service requests must be made by telephone request only.

Regular Business Hours

After hours

(419) 422-5688 (Office) (419) 348-3674 (Supervisor Cell)


If emergency service is required, please indicate the nature of the emergency (e.g., loss of power, burst pipe, etc.) when calling the Building Supervisor. Unless emergency service is required, Work Orders received after 2:00 p.m. will be processed on the following business day.


If you have questions regarding who is responsible for the cost of the work, please refer to your lease agreement or ask for clarification upon submitting our Work Order request.  If you are responsible for the cost of the work, the charges will become due as “Additional Rent” upon the due date of your next rental installment.

Submit A Work Order

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